A brief history of cyborgs, superhumans and robots in pop music

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Peter Saville's Joy Division Cover

The Story of Meego

Whilst I admire the build quality and sheer precision of my iphone 5, I lament the demise of Meego and also the purity of Nokia's original vision. Whilst the Lumia 800 is to most people a carbon copy of the original N9, the concessions made were strikingly large to a phone designer and enthusiast. The overal product footprint of the Lumia 800 remained the same as the N9 despite having a considerably small screen (the N9 has a 4" screen, the same as the iphone 5) and the windows icons added clutter to a very simple and elegant front read, with very poor icon positioning (making use of a short touch layer). Let's hope that Sailfish OS will live up to expectations without Nokia's keen guidance.
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Rain Room @ The Barbican

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Kenya's Counterfeit Phone Clampdown

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