Tape Installation by For Use/Numen at DMY Berlin

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Lego Felt Tip Printer

GENERATIVE by Alex Dodge

Shoes that generate electricity when you walk, a sleeping cap that transmits your dreams, a shirt that serves as a touch-sensitive input device; these aren't actual products, but concept prototypes by artist Alex Dodge, going on display next week at Brooklyn's Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery.

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3D Camera for Mobiles

Sharp has developed a compact 3D camera module that can capture HD quality video when plugged into a mobile phone. the new devices will begin being produced this year and will be the first of their kind when they are released. the camera uses two separate lenses, which each capture video simultaneously allowing them to create 3D images. the small module can be plugged into a mobile phone, piggybacking on the phone’s built-in video functionality. the new device is not only the first of its kind but it will also put 3D video capturing into the hands of a much wider audience. via Designboom

Pixels Invade New York

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