Touch by Provoke

A concept future phone designed by Finnish-based Provoke, on behalf of Nokia. Certain haptic elements are sorely neglected by modern digital communication, this concept seeks to address the 'physical' nature of a phone conversation. As a demonstration it puts on a great show, but I'd like to see the same dynamic effects present on something as small as a mobile phone, as I suspect this proof of concept involves machinery significantly larger and deeper than the constraints of an objects which fits in your hand, hence the embedded shape in the table surface.

Yves Béhar Unveils the World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle

Recently Yves Béhar has unveiled the Mission One, the world’s fastest electric production motorcycle. The fantastic looking bike is the brainchild of Mission Motors and Fuseproject, and is designed to have a top speed of 150mph, with a range of around 150 miles. Yves Béhar’s projects have always exhibited a deft balance between stunning aesthetics and sustainable design, and this latest opus is no exception.

A Clockwork Orange

I recently re-watched and read Anthony Burgess's 'A Clockwork Orange'. Both Stanley Kubrick's direction and the rich textured 'nadsat' language of the book are both very compelling. I've included a shot of Alex's bedroom because I think it demonstrates, not unlike many of the other scenes in the film, fantastic attention to the style of it's era. Check out the Ettore Sottsass typewriter!

Light bulb speakers

A fantastic concept, utilizing existing household connections instead of cumbersome cables trailing over your floor.

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