EZ Chicken Harvest

Mostly harmless yet terrifying


I have a love affair with platform games, and it's always nice to see an interesting contribution which livens up the genre in light of the vast plethora of complex 3d games out there. This game make's use of some very nice particle and physics effects, take a look here

Boston Dynamics Big Dog's big legs

Eerily 'life-like', especially when it slips on the ice:

BMW's shiny new fabric car

Well, it certainly looks like a BMW, upholding the visual style typically associated with a BMW car body, yet at the same time made out of a completely different material. The GINA concept car uses fabric stretched over a wire frame instead of pressed steel car body panels. Its light, its bendy and most importantly, it uses a fraction of the energy needed to make cumbersome metal panels.

Just don't leave it parked in a dark alley with knife-wielding vandals ;)

More info on designboom here

Sony creates micro-sized fuel cell system

Sony have created a methanol driven fuel cell, a combination of lithium-polymer battery, backup battery and control circuit, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

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Scientists Create First Memristor

Researchers at HP Labs have built the first working prototypes of an important new electronic component that may lead to instant-on PCs as well as analog computers that process information the way the human brain does.

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Dodo Arslan, Milan 2008

In anticipation of this years Milan design week, milan based designer dodo arslan will be presenting a number of new pieces during the salone del mobile in his home town. 'zero', as seen in the picture, is a sculptural rocking lounger.

Diary from the middle of nowhere

The BBC's environment correspondent David Shukman is on the remote Pacific island of Midway to report on the threat of plastic rubbish drifting in the ocean. Plastic debris collects around the island, scene of a seminal World War 2 battle, with serious consequences for its wildlife.

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