Laser tagging in Vienna

Nokia Headset Competition Winners

Nokia recently created a competition to design headsets inspired by the designer's favourite songs. My personal favourite winning entry is 'Robot Rock', a Daft Punk inspired headset by G Smith. All of the winning entries are on display in the Nokia flagship store on Regent Street.

Objectified Poster by Build

Build have designed the official poster to accompany the documentary Objectified by Gary Hustwit. Michael C. Place, the founder of Build, has always had a place in my heart for shear beautiful minimalism, and it's a pleasure to see such a great link with the product design world. To see some of his earlier work with the seminal Designers Republic, check out their website here.

(It's interesting to see how much the agency's style has changed since Michael Place left)

Daito Manabe Dancing Faces

Daito Manabe decided it was time to torture four of his friends by connecting them to his Face Visualizer—a player which stimulates facial muscles using electrodes. The facial expressions are perfectly choreographed to the beat of the music using the stimuli from the electrodes.