An interview with Patricia Urquiola

Virtually unknown last year, Patricia Urquiola has made a whirl-wind impression at this years Milan furniture show. In this interview with Design Boom, she reveals some of her insights in life, design and raising children.
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Is nature a force? If design (as a manifestation of culture) adhere's to the same 'natural' rules seen in this seemingly random and sporadic appearance of something new, far greater than the sum of its constituent components, then this year's starling migration is something to observe.

William Morris the Social Utopianist, believed that design is vernacular, emerging from the culmination of local art and crafts; An artist froms a collective, which in turn forms a movement, which in turns defines an era. Art Nouveau provides an excellent example of this in its disregard for the european classisism and gothicism, and its adherance to regional vernacula forms.

Starling Migration

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An interview with Zaha Hadid

One of the most influential architects of the 21st century, Zaha Hadid offers her perspective on design, as well as a unique insight into her personality through this DesignBoom interview.

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