This Japanese town aims to produce no trash by 2020

Nokia provide 3D cad for custom designs of the Nokia 820 battery cover

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Why rechargeable batteries go bad...


Revolutionary new 3D printing technology:

The Wood Turner

Oppo N1 Rotating Camera

Whilst the execution looks a bit sketchy, the principle is a really great idea for high quality front-facing video conferencing. From a sustainability perspective, reducing the number of expensive components is a fantastic idea. Undoubtedly this kind of moving part will introduce a whole range of reliability issues, and complexity in the assembly. Still, an interesting step.

Mouldable Sanding Blocks Are the Perfect Shape For Any Abrasion

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2013 Predictions: a survival guide for mobile operators

Nike Savvas @ Leeds Art Gallery

Miro @ The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Barbara Hepworth gallery, Wakefield

Movie visions of the future

Engadget Editorial: All I want for Christmas is a new HTC Nexus

An excellent article on the growing need for android phones with guaranteed software updates straight from Google. Whilst I can't describe myself as an android power-user, I definitely prefer the basic vanilla android installation to any of the customisations provided by phone manufacturers. There's no doubt that they provide extra features, but in my mind they are mostly redundant considering the plethora of specialist options available on the android market, ready for download. I'd prefer to see a basic vanilla android installation with a selection of apps cherry-picked and pre-installed. However, there is one exception being the basic Nokia camera customisations for Windows phone, as well as their application 'Here', which show some promise. Firefox OS test review

A very succinct yet comprehensive review of the current Firefox OS build from a software developer. Excellent reading.
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Art of Change: New Directions from China @ Hayward

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'Lava' generated quantum dots

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Industrial Facility / Herman Miller

A brief history of cyborgs, superhumans and robots in pop music

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Peter Saville's Joy Division Cover