Annette Messager: The Messengers

I recently visited this fantastic exhibit at the Hayward in London. My favourites were 'Inflate/Deflate' and 'Casino' (pictured) where a movement of air stimulates a huge wave of red silk towards the viewer through a door-like opening.

It's quite intimidating at first; At one point you feel as if the wave will engulf you, it then subsides and small illuminated objects begin to surface from beneath the watery silk waves followed by peculiar black symbols descending from the ceiling, and then rising back up into the darkness. 'Inflate/Deflate' has an assortment of inflatable silk body organs, which 'breathe' and pulsate in a synchronized pattern creating a sense of being enclosed inside a body cavity.

Radiohead's Nude played on old computer parts

It's Radiohead's Nude being played on all kinds of computer parts. It was made by James Houston, a student from the Glasgow School of Art's visual communication program.

Note: the first minute or so is a classic computer tape deck loading audio/visual static, not to everyone's taste but fairly nostalgic for the retro video gamers out there, (Amstrad CPC 464 4ever!)

Genetically Engineered 'Glow in the dark' Cats

South Korean scientists at Gyeongsang National University say they have bred white Turkish Angora cats to glow red under ultraviolet light. Tinkering with fluorescence protein genes could help unravel mysteries of some 250 genetic diseases suffered by both humans and cats. The findings also could be used to clone endangered tigers, leopards, and other animals, the report said.